Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ok I will give you a hint.

Ok Here is your hint at what I am making for my Nephew. Just a peek now. When I actually give the gifts to my sister then you can see the whole project but until then NO other hints.

I am working on a pair of fingerless gloves that I am making for a friend. She gets cold hands in school so needed something to keep her hands warm but still be able to write. I only have one done so far but I am working on the other. I started out with DPN's but then switched to magic loop for the upper half of the mitt. I am starting not to like dpn's the needles always get in my way, especially when working a small circunference. Oh well you can't have everything because I do like them for larger projects.

I have at least three or four projects going at any one time and have added some gifts to my knitting lineup. Oh dear, more pictures I can't share.  But maybe along the line I will give you more hints. For now happy knitting and don't let the moths bite.