Sunday, August 15, 2010

Something I learned and taught to others

I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to blog. I have finished several projects since my last blog and started several more. I will post about them soon but for today I wanted to share with you something I learned and taught to someone else.

This summer I finished my first lace shawl with laceweight yarn. I brought it to summer camp with me where I was a counselor. I used the shawl as an illustration of the Christian life and how God views us. We are like an individual stitch. We cannot see the complete pattern as it is being made but the Knitter can. He sees the beginning and the end of the knitting piece. He places each stitch with care and unlike us He does not make mistakes. However, without that one stitch the whole piece would suffer. I know how I feel when I have dropped a stitch and I can imagine how many of you feel. God has placed us in the great knitted design of time for a specific purpose. First of all to praise Him and bring Him glory. After that He has some other purpose for us that is specific to who we are. A completed knit project brings glory to the knitter and each stitch has a specific function in that piece (even if it is just to hold up the next stitch). So next time you knit, think about your Creator who loved you enough to die in your place and the special purpose He has for your life.