Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally I can show you!

I can finally show you what I made for my Nephew. My sister had her Baby Shower this week and I called her through Skype and showed her what I had made. So now I can show you.

I had so much fun knitting these things that the time went by quickly. The blanket and the Turtle are meant to go together and the little shoes and the jacket are a set. I also made some more practical items, burp clothes and wash clothes. These will keep my Nephew warm and clean. I can't wait till he gets here to try them on. Not much longer now.

On my needles I have the second pair of socks for my Brother-in-law (my Nephew and Niece's dad). The first time I started them, I used a number 2 needle, but the fabric created was very loose and I was afraid they would wear out very quickly. So having turned the heel and started up the leg, I frogged them and started over with a size 0 needle. (all needle sizes are in American sizing) The fabric produced is much tighter and better then before.

I also have the rest of my gift for my Grandmother. It is coming along nicely and I have trouble putting it down to do something else. However, even though my Grandmother is not connected to the internet, I will not be posting pictures until I give it to her. I will just tell you that I am learning a lot of techniques with this one.

As this is supposed to be a blog about knitting and LEARNING, I will fill you in on some of what I have been learning lately. When we were still living at home, I asked my sister, who is an awesome artist, how she could be so patient about getting the smallest details right in her work. Recently, she reminded me of what I had asked her and said she had the same question for me about knitting. I understand how she could be so meticulous now, but then I was amazed. Knitting sometimes requires a lot of patience. (See above about frogging the socks) I have learned that you are more apt to be patient with something you enjoy doing than with something that is a chore. However, the patience I learn with knitting is beginning to translate itself to other things I do.

Something else I have learned is,the time I use to knit a gift for someone is an excellent time to pray for that person. My friend, Nina, once told me that she prayed for her family while hanging out the wash. As she came to an article of clothing that belonged to that person she would pray for him/her. I have no one to do laundry for other than myself so I find myself thinking of the person I am knitting for and praying for that person.

That is all I have for now but birthday's are coming up soon so you will be able to see more of my secret projects. Until then keep knitting!